04/2015 - Teeel Vinyl Album Release Show
Teeel is having a vinyl album release show on April 12 in NYC. Head on over to Teeel's website to get details and pick up a copy of Hydrostatic on vinyl.

01/2015 - Faux Ferocious January Dates
Faux Ferocious has some dates in and around the Nashville area this month. If you live around Knokville, Asheville, Atlanta or Athens, be sure to make the trek out to see the band. The band also plays a couple of shows in their hometown of Nashville including Babes In Boyland, a Planned Parenthood evenet with a bunch of great acts including Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae.

01/2015 - Steffaloo On CBS Los Angeles
CBS Los Angeles caught up with Steffaloo for a live performance and interview for their "Jack In The Box Music Minute" feautre. Check out the video of Steffaloo and her band performing "Can't You See" and here what Steffaloo had to say about her music.

01/2015 - Teeel Does Mix For In Your Speakers
Teeel has compiled his impressive set of remixes, creating a continuous mix for In Your Speakers.

12/2014 - Nothing But Hope And Passion Premieres New Video From Sun Glitters
Nothing But Hope And Passion has "new visuals from Luxembourgs finest dreampop producer." Sun Glitters has always spent as much time on his visuals as his music, and the new clip for "Fading Days" continues his fantastic 2014 run of music art videos..

12/2014 - Noise Porn Includes Sun Glitters In Their Artist Of The Year Vote
Sun Glitters has had an amazing 2014. Noise Porn has taken notice and nominated Sun Glitters as a potential Artist Of The Year.

12/2014 - New Video From Teeel
"Runners" is one of the strongest tracks on the latest album from Teeel, Hydrostatic. Now, it gets a cinematic video treatment from director Brett Martelli that makes the music seem even more intense. Don't miss this one.

12/2014 - Sun Glitters Nominated
Sun Glitters has been nominated as Luxembourger of the year! Go vote to congragualte Sun Glitters on an amazing 2014.

11/2014 - New Video For Ennui "Circles"
Fight the cold and revisit summer with the new video for "Circles" from Ennui's latest album Telepathic Beat.

10/2014 - Faux Ferocious Hit The Road For CMJ
Faux Ferocious will be making their way to CMJ this month, hitting cities throughout the south on the way there and in the mid-west on the way home. Check the Faux Ferocious Facebook Page for Show Details and if you are going to CMJ, don't miss Faux Ferocious' official CMJ Show at the Terrorbird Showcase.

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Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Today’s free download comes all the way from that there Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and this track is so lovely it really will just bring the good-time memories of the sun, sea and sand.
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Noisey Vice
Time in late summer has a uniquely stretched-out quality, in which it seems to always be late afternoon. The light feels especially golden, and your default emotion becomes a sort of languid, dulled contentment. It's a great time to be in love, or simply to daydream about the feeling. Whichever of these you're feeling, "Summer of Love," the seven-minute synth epic from Pittsburgh's Ennui that Noisey is premiering below, should work as the perfect soundtrack. Light, airy, and a little bit surreal, it's like a synthpop radio single that's been put through a taffy pull. Its washes of synths simmer and slowly evolve over a persistent beat as Ennui's Jim Doutrich takes different stabs at the idea of love and his "dream girl."
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Pittsburgh Music Magazine
Telepathic Beat is absolutely fantastic. With its sun-drenched feel, the album plays as the soundtrack to a summer spent balancing a narcotic life in clubs, with the possibilities that await when you skip work and head to the beach. It’s destined to be the album to reach for when you don’t want to admit that summer is over. - Pittsburgh Music Magazine
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Pittsburgh In Tune
Pittsburgh-based Ennui score with ‘Telepathic Beat’ release. Ennui’s music is infectious and complex, with layer upon layer of melodies and vocals showcasing Doutrich variety of talents. The 10-track “Telepathic Bea” marks Ennui’s Mush Records debut and figures to get the kind of push that will help ensure people hear this rock-solid record.
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
The Line Of Best Fit
​Introduced by trigger-happy beats, sun-drenched synths and Doutrich’s mellifluous vocals, “Summer Of Love” loops like the enduring peace of long summer days. Doutrich sings about his “dream girl” with a nostalgia for something that hasn’t even passed yet, much like the sentimental tone of M83’s synth-pop.
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Mecca Lecca
An ocean of synthesizers flood your dreams with hypnotic pigments. For fans of Cut Copy, OMD, Neon Indian. Why you'll love it: You’re in the mood to drift away into a colorful kaleidoscope, while dancing into the wee hours. - Mecca Lecca
Ennui - Telepathic Beat
Get a listen to the synth-wind atmospheres on Ennui’s new sun-sizzling single, “Summer of Love”. Here the pop tones kick with drum machine brightness that excites all the synthesized particles to orbit around Ennui’s delivery that makes every day feel like a neon dipped holiday. - Impose
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Lulu Mushi
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Oval Compositions

Lulu Mushi serves up the wickedest late-nite, red light, moody hip-hop instrumentals with wailing trumpets and somber piano loops while other tracks remind one of backroom speakeasies with the live stand up bassist relaxed and in a Latin groove, superb. - XLR8R / "Blue Sonoko" is groovy rewired samba that's cheeky as hell - Muzik

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