Last October we got the amazing opportunity to open for the Album Leaf's entire fall tour. Here are a few DOs and DON'Ts for an y band that gets a similar shot at basking in another group's limelight.

DON'T play that tune that has the really mellow four-chord cresendo that takes 10 minutes to complete.

DO play your best songs every night--balls to the wall. Even if you've played 'em a thousand times, chaces are 90 percent of the audience has not even heard of you, let alone heard your songs.

DON'T get bummed out when you have to share equipment.

DO plan on  playing the drummer's kit the way he has it set up.

DON'T attempt to talk shop and discuss drum heads and guitar pickups after the first show together.

DO act personable and humble, and take advantage of opportunities to hang out.

DON'T take a shit in the tour bus lavatory.

DO make the most of the headliner's tour bus by watching as much satellite TV and DVD's as possible.

DON'T expect sound checks every night.

DO make the most of your brief sound checks when they happen and DON'T be picky about your monitor mix.

DON'T steal the headliner's beer in front of them; DO it while they are onstage.

DO eat the headliner's guacamole and hummus while they are sound checking.


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