Photography by Michael Schreiber
Words by Pat Canale
Styling by Roman Alexander Diaz for Beauty
Photo Styling Assistant: Asha Mines
Grooming by Melanie Inglessis for Mercury Artists Group
Shot at Photofighter Studios, LA
Edited by Lindsay Lohden

Living Legends
Pigeon John
Kool Keith
Kutmasta Kurt
Dj Cheapshot
Thavius Beck

Current Projects: Busdriver has a single called "Avant/Core" coming out in January 2005, with the 'Fear of a Black Tangent' LP to follow in January 2005 on Mush. Also look out for the Project Blowed 10-Year Anniversary record dropping in early '05 on Project Blowed/Decon.

Most embarrassing item in your closet: A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shirt I had to throw out because it left a painful mark. I didn't enjoy working there.

Worst hip-hop fashion trend: Throwback jerseys with the caps that are too big, that fit down over your ears. It makes your head look like a little peanut.

Best hip-hop fashion trend: The best hip-hop trend is just showin' up.

Style Icon: Bobby McFerrin

Best thing about LA: The traffic jams. I look forward to those.

Worst thing about LA: All of the talented people. It's horrible. So much talent you can't deal with it.

Favorite song about LA: NWA's "Straight Outta Compton"

Biggest misconception about LA hip-hop: That it's all gangsta rap.

Road-rage confession: I was so mad from road rage that I wasn't paying attention and hit a dog. It scarred me.


Current Projects: Omid produced the 'Sach 5th Ave' full-length for Sach [of The Nonce], which drops in early fall of Afflatus Recordings. He produced half of Ellay Khule's 'Califormula' LP and he's working on a new solo album as well as an LP with Nobody and Chris Gunst of Beachwood Sparks for Mush.

Most embarrassing item in your closet: A Coolin' In Compton concert T-shirt with a black Bart Simpson in a Compton hat.

Worst hip-hop fashion trend: Jheri curl.

Best hip-hop fashion trend: Fat laces.

Style Icon: Dapper Dan

Best thing about LA: All the talented musicians

Worst thing about LA: Not enough people that live in LA know about music coming out of LA.

Favorite song about LA: "We're All In The Same Gang" by West Coast Rap All-Stars.

Biggest misconception about LA hip-hop: People don't know the history of the underground movement.

Road-rage confession: Shit, I get mad, but I don't kill anything.


Current Project: Lab Waste [Subtitle and Thavius Beck] will release 'Zwarte Achtegrond' or 'Black Background' in Spring 2005 on Temporary Whatever Records.

Most embarrassing item in your closet: A mesh fatigue rasta wifebeater.

Worst hip-hop fashion trend: All the underground hip-hoppers and indie rockers are now like one and the same. Hip-hoppers wearing studded bracelets and stuff.

Best hip-hop fashion trend: Same thing - all the indie hip-hoppers and rockers getting together. If it can expose more people to music they wouldn't normally get into, that's cool.

Best thing about LA: All the people and opportunities.

Worst thing about LA: The fact that the fuckin' Lakers lost.

Biggest misconception about LA hip-hop: That the underground is a big, happy family. People don't get along that well, but we're not all gangsters, either.

Road-rage confession: This dude hit my Geo Metro and I spun around and ran into this bakery. He came out all drunk like, "Oh, I'm so sorry." I didn't actually do anything about it, but that was fucked up.

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