Bigg Jus - Machines That Make Civilization Fun

Game Boy Predator

Apex predator
Nintendo predator
PlayStation predator
Xbox predator
Nintendo predator
Gameboy predator
SkyNet Avionics
MQ1A geosynchronous 4 bit
Spitting out a virus
Pixilated avatar rock a morphing ghillie suit DARPA
Om-murderous unblinking Atari
Sega savage general Halo Hailstorm meta 12,000
My Minecraft MetalGear Solid
Gears of war
Half-life hibachi
Torch through unholy alliance
Splinter Cell bitch ass infidel autopilot
Savage apps for iTouch
And there's savage application behind that
Red Faction
God of War
Guns of the Patriots
Carbon Azerath tracer rounds
Trace it to the Akkadians
Murk ten civilians for every vengeful librarians
Bullet Storm Grim City
Guns of the pagan dem
Boss battle Assassins Creed
2018 Madden push button general
Medal of Honor
Sky Sword
Legend of Zelda
The augmented realities of modern warfare
Gotta strange Love Jones for a reaper hellfire

Black Roses

It's the atom splitting novelist
The sub level anatomical omnipotent
Circle squared nautilus
Al-Aksa martyr brigade
You don't want us to roll out the red carpet
It wont be no pretty dress up night at the Oscars
Senor Kingspitter habanero
Mr. Scotch bonnet
With the audacity of a pit bull humping a hippopotamus
In a century of self
Freudian's cousin spittin' ad nauseam
365 days of PR
120 days of Sodom
60 ways to privatize
50 ways to Gaddafi em
Maritime admiralty law
From the birth canal to the coffin
In a rowboat
Just UCC and your straw man
Black's law etymologist against the full metal alchemist
Caught between the gravitational pull of two hadron magnets
Ripping apart the periodic table
In search of the God particle
A hideous ecstasy of vindictiveness and famine
Fiendishly synthesizing the human genome sequence
Then smash the frequency
Till it's stuck in on this bandwidth
Win the Nobel Peace Prize for painting the perfect picture of what man is
Phantom menace
The latest in Orwellian cameras
Black roses on your casket
Let you know who's a thorn in your side
Even in the afterlife
Post apocalyte
Death by 1000 paper cuts
Night of the long knives
Where life is cheaper than a dollar store sale at half price
Fukushima rap
Thyroid need potassium iodine
Snow bunnies turn lime green
Nigerian Snow White
Just because you lead a just life and been thoroughly Romanized
Through a false sense of reasoning developed a sense of morality out of a lie
You've been tricked
Like a frontside heel flip to nose grind
It's the good Shepherd and his flock of sheep
In the name of liberty and freedom battling under the Cross of Constantine
In George Lucas surround anamorphic widescreen
Closed captioned
So even the deaf can scream
On the way to the slaughter house to make a fresh batch of Soylent Green wafers
Butcher's apron a pound of flesh for the payment
Black pyramid
Blued eyed sphinx out in Vegas
Top gear
Lion head
I ain't no idle threat
Do 0-60 instantly
Catch giraffe neck
Welcome to the same damn circus
Different clown men

Advanced Lightbody Activation

Kingspitter's a hot mess
Symphony of slow death
Dance of the Marionettes
Plie pirouette Swan Lake arabesque
Trickle down prostrate in the position of kowtow
Kiss the Papal ring trick
Hardly lift an eyebrow
Invisible lease
4th estate
5th column
Dark bats of night that cast long shadows
In search of greener pastures for thy illustrious Gollum
Provoker of the horseman
Defamer of the pharaohs
Tesla Coil
Warp speed
Dashing young Castro
Olive drab fonta leaf
Guzzling black Tabasco
Hot enough to make a flamethrower out ur ras hole
Babylon fire-burn them to the maximum
Killer pathogens
Cryptic three letter acronyms
Triangulate EMP scalar axiom
Neurotransmitter frequency perception management
Target acquisition
Target rich environment
American Nazi prima facie corporate parasite
Never knew a war that they didn't like to conquer
Lotus position levitate
Repeat the mantra
Greed, sloth, lust, violence, desire, vengeance
Global mass awakening vs. debt enslavement engines
Racing neck and neck toward a photo finish ending
Advanced lightbody activation
Advanced lightbody activation
Lower the vibrational field of the planet
Lower the vibration of the people for programming
Bypass the circuitry
Lightbody activation
Soil, air and water
Charka integrative healing
Inner messiah Stargate
The doorway awakening
Golden ratio 1.618 spin orientation
Event horizon
Time and space environment
The living embodiment of the sphinx monument
Circle squared hyper dimensional wheel Ezekiel
Floating in the ascension seat
Gravitron vehicle
Left and right ventricle pump divine material
Living solar system cell
Seven sun equal
Carbon particle hydrogen animated being
Spit that Trismegistus in a Fibonacci sequence
Advanced lightbody activation
Advanced lightbody activation
Self-organized metaphysic cosmology
Light synthesizer melanated technology

Empire Is A Bitch (Fake Arab Spring Mix)

Chicago school of economics
Bernard Lewis
Lebanon fracture the metropolis
Send them into disarray with crumbs for the populous
Fortune 500 corporate fascism
Feed the rich
Foie gras, white truffles, tender kobe strip
Drizzled in Cognac and diamond chips
Hope you crack a tooth
Hope you cut your lip
US defense budget reflect the size of a little prick
Dysfunctionally impotent
Cos freedom ain't free and like herpes we've come to spread that shit
Humanitarian aid by MI5 and MI6
So you can burn all the effigies and throw a hissy fit
Cause whether your revolution is for real or controlled descent
Believe or get co-opted
Assets get frozen and regimes get toppled
It's a crude world when your friends like to PacMan your profits
Sell weapons to suppress your own and drive up the food prices
World peace gotta be a European's kryptonite
Cos being broke is highly uncivilized
By hook or crook
Despotism or destabilize
Roadmap to peace is laced with booby traps and land mines
The Black Swan return covered in oil murky grime
Bitch dress appropriately cause there's hell to pay
Ain't no underground bunker can protect that lizard dragon ass from being slayed
Doomsday Hindenburg going up in flames
Man made tsunamis
Fake bio
Specific plague
It's no wonder y'all cold hearted bastards don't support the Hague
Between war crimes and bankruptcy of the nation
You make the aliens disclosure and Mayan prophecy look like salvation
Animal farm
The jelly is gone
Time for some bacon
And that ain't Halal
You don't want Kingspitter to get wild
Trojan horse carousel around the propaganda go
Wealth gap wider than a skinny girl camel-toe
Time for some soul searching
First you fucking need a soul

Food For Thought (Shit Sandwiches)

Either you are the elite
Work for the elite
Or enemies of the elite
Guzzling scopolamine or slid LSD
Fifth tour of duty wigged out
Licking off at fleas
Please disregard what your lying eyes see
In that valley of the blind the one eyed man is a (g)
What FEMA be to hotels and pig feet
Souse and dairy be to a raw foodist
Gelatinous monosodium glutamate swine mucous
Baxter pigeon fluent twenty-eye hybrid human
Reciting the heliotec in symbiotic union
When all else fails Project Blue Beam
Unleash the hologram spacecraft over Brooklyn
LA that ain't no mystery missile shooting
Sleep walk
Pillow talk
High value targets
One trillion chakra
Two trillion ruling planet
Triple stage blackness
Infinitely massive
Coming for them night time breathing taxes
With extra terahertz in your naked body scanners
Left hand on the soft-kill
Right hand on the canon
Cause after this audacity of hope
They'll be more fake disaster
No more razzle dazzling them with bullshit
No more covering it up with cherry, nuts and cool whip
Just straight footlong shit sandwiches
Food for thought
No bread
No lunchmeat
No 7 grain
No golden honey wheat
Shit sandwiches
Food for thought
No bread
No lunchmeat
No golden honey wheat, pumpernickel or flax seed
IMF turd burgers
Bon appetite
Shit Sandwiches

Machines That Make Civilization Fun

Kick in the afterburners
Kingspittter be a blast furnace of Vesuvius lava
Newly minter fresh water edition
Green power
Hotter than rocking a suede yarmulke during the intifada thru Gaza
Outlandish pageantry break out the royal Puntland lithium Somalia
Sitting across from the newly sainted Johnny Paulo
Celestial drama
Being up under the God is a hard pill to swallow
Vampire slayer
Amscray fiendish ghoul
You ain't Dracula you just long in the tooth
Coked up zombie banker
Return to bloody Jekyll Island
Blow up Gaddafi son and every single last grandchild
Said you wasn't even looking for him that way
Just happen to be prancing about on a ritual day
With a coked out zombie banker
Skeleton bones dancing around with known phantoms
UN NATO protectionism is cat food amongst a pride of lions
Stay out the continent (Africa)
On some ole contain China
With some of that good old fashioned grid iron
200 mph rocking rugby Nolan Ryan
OBL UBL swimsuit edition
Bloop bloop bloop bloop
2011 late Sunday on mayday
The mayday song
Just as long as that takes for it to sink
Elaborate mechanisms of the austerity minions
Self controlled demolition
Hovercraft ghost dance to the stock lines diminish
Gives a fresh perspective to Fresh Kills, USA
And since that cap off WTC7
From two 110 story buildings come down in under 12 seconds
A thousand cameras in Arlington
Can only see but just one
Ten years of National Security and Homeland Security endless war
Come to find out blow up your own pentagon under stand-down orders
War gaming
Blow a hole in your own fortress
Living in that Shanksville, USA
Law & Order-ville
If that ain't treason in the capitalist bloodsucking republic
But this ain't no season of the bloodsucker
Somebody rocking way too much war Prada
Bloop bloop bloop bloop
Machines that make civilization...

Polymathmatics (Restore Balance Out Think A Savage Trick)

Rasta's mastaba
On the left of the sacu
Ashra's mantra
Afu Ba Ka Amen Ra
Ursa Maat-Ra Setep En Ra
Ramesu with the Metu Meri Amen
Salute to Ashra Kwesi to Dr. Ben
The Tjati physician at Sakkara
Waset tekkens be the monuments
Djoser antenna dead center of Washington
Antimorph yourself from Asar's grip that's palimpsest
Millennium before any thought of Solomon temp Hiram Abiff
Rocking the carpenter's apron of the initiate
Holy block Madonna
Russia, Poland and the Vatican
Keep Justoleum on stacks in the basement
Deep in the corner next to the statue they keep crated
Beasting on lower vibration call yourself master mason
Acacia tree flower of life architecture
Dark matter melanin
360 degrees of energy creation and measurement
360 degrees of energy creation and measurement
And money be a plastic card with a magnetic strip
Special drawing rights be the known rip
The moment it hits that third eye it implements
Knowledge be infinite over this ignorant
The plummet of the balance according to the stance
Restore balance
Out think a savage trick

Redemption Sound Dub

Wobble idol bobblehead
Slalom bottom
Call em rubber shins
Come tiled in on polar shift
Spit that
Premium, leaded or unleaded
Bad man catch a spark
Any kind of weather
Redemption sound dub
All sound toys
Ah deaded
Underwear briefs detonate
Nutsack get shredded
Reconstruct the construct
Ruffle up a feathers
White dove
Rest upon a guillotine lever
44 Wall St. be the fucking vector
Redemption sound dub
All sound toys
Ah deaded
Premium, leaded or unleaded
Bad man catch a spark
In any old climate
Seal Team theme
Ballad of Bruce Ivans
Occupy Island
Occupy Oakland
Occupy Washington
Occupy Langley
Occupy all dem
Hit em the Rawlings
2011 Cardinals spit
Championship rallying
Premium, leaded or unleaded
Bad man a catch spark
Trying to blow the 1st and 2nd gears out ur ras
Redemption sound dub
All sound toys
Ah deaded

Samson Op-Ed

It's a dangerous neighborhood when you shit in your own back yard
Of expropriated land jacked by divine right and overwhelming force
Convince the entire world you're fighting a just preemptive war
To build a walled kingdom of renegade settlements and strip malls
It's the science of soft weapons camouflaged as blockade
Of a repression matrix funded by billions of military aid
Of xenophobe overseers of an apartheid state
Screaming bloodily anti-semite and not a drop of semitic blood in that vein
Yet God's chosen people
The inherent superiority of race
Be the very ideological DNA marker of hate
And somebody need to rethink the ambiguity arrangement
Made between Golda Meir and Tricky Dick Nixon of all presidents
Cause when a tiny new nation of Judaized immigrants
Be sitting on a couple hundred (mega) tons of nuclear weapons
And an attack first strategy and historic warped perception
Who indoctrinate anxiety and victimhood in its own children
And a Mossad that operates by way of deception
Makes you far form David and much bigger than Goliath
With a ultra orthodox rabbinical circular logic
And a very liberal shoot to kill policy
And we done expanded way past the two state boundaries
So you can't halt the people's ambition
When they figure out there ain't enough ammunition
And you done run fresh out of plausible denial
Cause all along never negotiate no compromise
No Jerusalem, Golan Heights or water supply
Hundreds of nukes and you the size of Rhode Island
White phosphorus, Dime bombs and Samson Options
Yet no matter how broken and dehumanized
Self determination got nowhere else to go but rise
2012 unilateral statehood for Palestine

Kush Star Catalog

Sacred sound alchemy
Self savior born equality
Energy amplifier spherical Mahdi projection of the astral journeys out of the body
Electrons spinner dimethyltryptamine molecular biology
Natural sciences embedded in the saku
Advanced rap quantum level earth star technology
In the physical
Vishnu floating in the zero point invincible
Bridges I'm quantum jumping
Slice the umbilical
Ascension glitches
Gottem' stuck
Can't actualize potential
Encoded in the symbols
Obsk ain't no missile
Ground control to the portal
Wishing you light speed
The Mr. Solar Plexus breathing ritual
Come test the practitioner 24hrs at Lemans
Realm of dreams of the astral maps
Awareness in your bloodstream
Quartz eye
Kingspitter spit limitless infinite imagery
Angelic entities
Trillion colors of the prismatic
I'm seeing auras
Windows to the universe past, present, future
Be like sun at the center of all the mysteries
The arcane chaos into creativity
Rocking who's ascension manual rite of entry
Maximum speed at which all energy and information travel
Universal light supreme deity
Holy grail of physics
Seven colors of the sun
Divine nectar outputting trillions
Orion Kush star catalogues
Know by trillions of stars
Here comes the lion in the precession of the equinox
KMT Puntland Nubia
And that's the whole of the horn in conflict
Map quest
Obama's theme
Flying Gold wings
Origin trumps everything
Wishing you