Drew McFayden - "snake guitar/chanting." Steven McGregor - "enigmatic synthesiser/vocoder." Casey Miller - "electronic percussion/bass." Tommy Stuart "core synth/bass/preaching."

The Sound? Dirty. They describe it as "budget techno through a fuzz face," while we're just scared.

Why Should We Believe It? They're hardcore. Tommy recently broke his leg in a nasty way with the help of some big fat metal plate ("like Evel Knievel") will brave upcoming gigs on crutches.

The History? Through word-of-mouth the boys built up an infamous reputation as the most unpredictable live band in town, even being banned from some venues after destroying sound equipment. In May they "destroyed" Europe on a tour incorporating Hamburg, Dresden, Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva and Munich.

Where Can We Hear It? The 12" EP Kids Now on Erkrang Durch Musique is available now from Avalanche and there's a new record due out in January. You can see them live (recommended) at the Wee Red Bar on Thursday November 1st and supporting Mogwai at the Barrowlands on Thursday 8th.


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