In college sports it is so rare to see a quality player stick around to play out his or her entire four years of eligibility. When they do, everyone comments, 'it seems like they've been around forever.' This is the case with Bigg Jus. Due to his early and historic start with El-P and Mr. Len, forming the iconic mid 90's super group, Company Flow, it feels like Jus has 'been around forever' when we see him still putting out quality releases. Bigg Jus doesn't mind talking about his back catalogue, characterizing his Co. Flow days as "young, hectic, and dope," but he would rather not dwell on the past and instead talk about today, and the present state of affairs. Currently, his career is progressing as he continues to put out music that is deep in its content and fearless in its message. The world is not seeing such bright days, and Jus won't hesitate to tell you about that.

"I don’t deal in politics," begins Bigg Jus, "Only real issues that affect the masses."

His current platform is Poor People's Day, his latest LP. Bigg Jus describes Poor People's Day as '"economic terrorism." Musically, it is an album that not only pushes the envelope, but breaks entirely through for performance by an emcee. From the opening verse, Jus just keeps coming and coming, packing a punch that does not allow him or the listener an opportunity to catch their breath. It is tough to think of another emcee that could pull off this style; filling every line of every song until it is saturated, but without any wasted words. It's as if he has so much to say and is afraid one album will not allow him ample time to do so. With this relentless lyricism, Jus needs to be very careful in picking his production team. For this he relied on Dj Gman. Gman's beats are perfect because they don't crowd the track. They provide enough background scenery to enhance Jus' sound without ever stealing the spotlight. Not that Jus would mind; the spotlight has never been what he was after.

"September 11, 2001 changed shit drastically," says Jus when talking about his need to get away from New York. "The (World Trade Center) area was my stomping ground since Co. Flow. So I changed the weather to brighten up the scenery."

Bigg Jus, who once defined the sound of a NYC gritty flow, now finds himself in greener pastures. Listening to early Jus, it's hard to imagine him anywhere besides among New York city blocks, but everyone progresses and with that comes the desire for different experiences. Jus now finds himself in a southern Georgia cotton mill, far removed from almost any ties to the hip-hop world. While there is no question that getting away from New York and trying new things not only in music but in life has changed Bigg Jus; he has not lost his roots. In case you need reminding, there is a Company Flow project in the works, slated for release later this year so that the trio of Bigg Jus, El-P and Mr. Len can "rain down on fools with brimstone." Same old Jus.

Too many artists have a tough time looking forward because it is so easy to get caught up in past accomplishments. Instead of concerning himself with whether he will make something as widely regarded as Funcrusher Plus, he simply steam rolls ahead and doesn't even let that question enter his mind. He's too busy to worry about petty issues or what other people think. It's all about Jus, and even though he's 'been around forever,' he still has a lot left to do.


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