How did you guys come-up with the concept of 'The Faceless Cowards'? When is the release date and where can we pick it up?

(Circus) The image of 'The Faceless Cowards' appeared to us in a dream - the rest is history - I know you will be able to pick it up at Amoeba in LA or SF - Ask your local Moms N Pops record shop to order it through Revolver - or try a search for it online - I've been told that it will drop on May 26th and be shipped out. You should definitely be able to pick it up in stores after June 10th.

Is 'Faceless Cowards' a compilation of unreleased tracks between Circus and Andre like those of Gangstah fo Gawd?

(Asmar) not really - ostensibly, yes I guess so - Mush approached Circus - offered a solo deal - Circus offered me the task of production, I accepted. 10 years later, voila - actually Circus and I have been preoccupied with adverse and tribulative subjects, 'Gawd Bless The Faceless Cowards' is a compliment of lo-fi 4track instrumentals dating from '94-'99 with the addition Circus reading from ancient scrolls recovered by excavators in the lower southwest sector of LA - kinda on sum dead sea scrolls shit even though we had years to work on it, we actually rushed it, don't tell Robert, but we only spent two weeks on it.

Circus, are we going to hear a more professional, mature, MC or are you going to hit us with the off-the wall, off beat, abstract, 'Planet G Spot' style the hip hop culture has embraced?

(Circus) Yes to all of the above - your predictions are accurate - more polished but still dirty - more dead center but still over the top.

Circus, Will you be working on another Anticon/ Mush release or will the next Circus siteing be in the up coming Shapeshifter album?

(Circus) I'm working on a few different projects with The Shapeshifters and Anticon - can't exactly predict which will come out next. With the politics of the record biz and all - but you can definitely expect a few bombs to drop in the future from the likes of the above.

Asmar, Is there any other MC you want to work with? Or does Circus just compliment your style the best?

(Asmar) Circus and I are neighborhood friends - I love working with him along with the friendship. But my heart is partial to ethnic music - I take these projects a little serious. I've worked with about 100 different people in the last few years - classical Arabs playing dubkeh, Brazilian sambucada chemists, Jamaican heroes and African kings - many legends. Circus does very much so compliment my style!

Asmar. Are you working on any other projects? Can we expect to see another 'racetothebottom' this year or in the near future?

(Asmar) The most important of the few is in fact a nonprofit org titled 'FREE TO BE ME'. A tribe of angels whom volunteer their love and compassion for less fortunate humans. Oh yeah, we chant down evil with drums and percussion. In our reality - we're superheroes! Sabina Sandoval, drummer extraordinaire, who has been a guest on several Asmar releases, founded the project. AND yes another 'racetothebottom' is in the making - titled 'The Harmonic Emergency' out on Mush February next year - guessing. I'm also working on a Middle Eastern dubkeh record featuring the 'THE VOICE OF ELIAS' - beautiful! Doing an experimental worldly beat project with Radioinactive, Elias and others, arranging a project with Tabla Godzakir Hussain, seven inch with Busdriver on Wobblyhead Records, 'MOZOMBEAT THELECTRICURSE BRAINSOULFROMTHEHEART GODWARS'. Don't forget about 'Transmigration' already out featuring the rainmaker Majek Fashek.

Self.Inflict Magazine can't say enough for the support and influence Circus, Asmar have given us to put out this magazine. Any last words or info for the people of the Imperial Valley/ Mexico border heads?

(Asmar) I'd like to thank you David for the inquiry - your support, and for paying attention! Last words - yes. Do not vote, quit your job, don't file shit, don't claim shit, don't watch the 'Passion of Christ', watch and pray, you have to feel it to heal it, deprogram yourself, detach oneself and beware - there will not be any negotiations, holy blood inna god wars time - we homunculi, organic dying mystery, traptivity. (Circus) Werd Up - Oracle Vatos! Circus/ Asmar & 'The Faceless Cowards' will be on tour with Radioinactive & others starting the month of June till July 2004. Maybe they'll be in a town near you.

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